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Quest System

As a novice in Demarcia, you'd better follow the guide of the Quest to get familiar with the gameplay. Completing the Quests will grant you with bountiful resources and items, such as Food, Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, etc. You can make full use of these resources to get further development.


Novice Quest

Novice Quest is used for offering help to those who enter this game to conquer the empire at the first time. It guides you through the initial operation and concept of city management. This is a concise and smooth introduction to the gameplay. When the novice task is completed, players can customize the Lord's name and image.


Routine Quest

Routine Quest contains a serious of Quests providing guides for players to become one of the overlords in this empire age. Following the Routine Quest, players can learn how to set up their Town, build armies, go on expeditions, etc. Players can also learn how to use items, how to develop economy through the side Quests. As long as you complete the Quest, you can gain the necessary Gold, resources, items and soldiers as rewards, which has a great impact on your development in the game.


Daily Quest

When players have finished certain steps of Novice Quest, they can also receive the corresponding Daily Quest. Daily Quests will be refreshed at 00:00 every day and each Quest can only be completed ONCE per day. Completing Daily Quests will grant you with rich resources and items in Shop.

Tips: You should receive the Quests first before completing them and claim the rewards afterwards.




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